Tuesday, December 21, 2010


I can't believe I only have 1 day of work left!!! and I can't believe it's so close to next year..........  I hope I made the right decision. So in the next few weeks I'll have to be incredibly disciplined, getting myself ready and organised for NET, getting funds in, and spending as much time as possible with God I love, for without Him I couldn't do this!

So high I will ever take you,
on wings you will soar.
Give praise now to the King,
The word of Truth, Give praise.

You are my Bride, I am your Groom.
I will give you my all.
Wherever you go I will follow.
I will give you my everlasting song of love.

 stand for me, say YES, sing a song, dance for joy.

My gift is this,
Me to you, consecrated
with the bread of life.
I am in you and you in me.
Forever, this is my promise.

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