Sunday, December 26, 2010

DAY 13

I shopped alllll day!!! 6 and a half hours! it was brilliant. Chaotic, buzzing, caffeinated, slightly frustrating at times, but well worth the parking efforts..

How much does God give us what we believe we want... I found a prayer I wrote ages ago, asking God that I wouldn't get offered a position for a job that I deeply wanted at one stage, I wanted it, but I know now that the timing wasn't right... God knows best, and thank God  I didn't get the position. I believe we want things, but if we pray enough about it, God sneaks in with His own desire for our lives and changes our minds, or coordinates with us. for the better in the end. Above this little  scribbled prayer of mine is a reading "For the one whom God sent speaks the word of  God. He does not ration His gift of the spirit. John 3:34.
A few pages later in my little notebook, are my notes for that Job interview, points I wanted to make, and beside it I've drawn a picture.. well actually a logo. Now this was drawn way before I even considered living back in Nambour and work for a year especially in Hospitality again. While I was thinking about what I wanted to say in my interview, I drew a little logo (what I thought was a meaningless scribble) . I drew without meaning to, the Nambour RSL logo , which God blessed me, with a job there a few weeks later. I didn't want it, but now I am so grateful I worked there. God put an image in my head which I drew. Now there's something special about this, cause I was going to  quit my job, a day into it. But I didn't. A week later, I still felt uneasy about it, and was looking through my notebook, and saw the logo! It was a sign, from God, that I drew outta my imagination, so I wouldn't quit! AMAZING! Thanks Holy Spirit! Working at Nambour RSL was wonderful. So I guess the moral of this story, if it wasn't too confusing is, God works in many ways?? or maybe don't limit God, or something about desires.. now I'm confused... meh....... so the photo of the day is!

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