Thursday, December 16, 2010


You know how it was soo HOT yesterday, well we had this storm, and wow.. it was brilliant! But now I know how incredibly fast I can move when thunder scares the crap out of me.

this was the sky before the storm! NOT edited. Scary huh?!?!

I was so lucky to have a close brave, couragous, strong friend with me......

Maybe not so brave!!

It was so gorgeous though, we spent ages just standing on the balcony listening to the array of bird songs, they were out and about having their feast on the buffet of bugs. And it was lovely and cool. It still wasn't quite raining at this stage. There were Storm birds, Rosella's, and other beautiful birds... My friend is amazing at taking photos of nature, unfortunately she didn't have her camera on her, but I did... and again unfortunately I'm not that great at taking photos of birds... the one good one I had...

and of course it was just a Butcher Bird DOH!

anyway... today is my Bro's birthday... and its hot again go figure, we ate in Montville, at Poets cafe, lyrics were so sweet to our taste buds mmmmmm... looking forward to tonight it will be good fun .....

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