Saturday, December 25, 2010

DAY 12

wow I feel so sad, that Christmas day is coming to an end. All that hustle and bustle, decorations and excitement now a sleepy memory. It didn't quite feel like Christmas, but what does Christmas feel like... I felt love, and even overwhelmed at one stage, and I guess if Christmas is about love, than I could feel Christmas. I truly believe that the way my family give is a real blessing, savouring everyones gifts, appreciating, even being more excited about giving than receiving.. the hugs, the tears, the anticipation as each opened our presents, it was beautiful.. I could feel a real presence of God in it all.. It was like He was enjoying the way we gave and loved, He warmed our hearts. And than there was the NERFS! and the panic as I tried avoiding being shot at...males, how can they enjoy being shot!!! or shooting inside the house... I'm always so stressed that someone will get hurt, or something will get broken, but it didn't. and they had fun! AHHH... that lasted a while, and then the food, oh wow dad makes the best gravy! and roast potatoes (don't tell mum) the table was decorated, as it traditionally is, and we cracked our crackers, and drank our cider, laughed and was merry.. and once everything was cleaned up, I slept! exhausted, while the others played bananaramas.. The rest of the afternoon and night was enjoyed by playing games, eating jelly and custard, and watching Sabrina the Teenage witch...and now well, all is done. And we will sleep, sweet dreams about the day past, and wake up to the hustle and bustle of the boxing day sales. Oh how blessed we are.

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