Thursday, December 23, 2010

DAY 10

I finished work today! I can't believe it!!!!!! I just took my work uniform off for the last time, but it hasn't sunk in.... I felt so blessed though when I walked out, knowing that my co-workers appreciated me, and the effort I put in to my job. I can remember my favourite Uncle Barry telling me to work as hard as I can, I can't remember the rest, I guess his words grounded me in my work ethic. ...

To my workmates... I will miss you alot! I can remember my first shift, which is a good thing considering it was only 8 months ago ish... I remember being showed around, and Tanya telling me to get to know the menu and specials, and showed me everything briefly, and then left me, I stood there dumbfounded! and freaked out!!!! I hated my first shift so much, I was bored! but I decided to stick it out... I gave it one more chance, and gave it to God, saying if I'm meant to be here, I will be so filled with joy in my next shift, and I was... I loved it. And thank God I did.... Tanya! it was an honour to work under your supervision! you gave me so much shit, and it was so great to be able to give so much back! To dear Deb! you are amazing, you helped me be the best I could be on the floor, even if it almost caused me to cry a few times, you shaped me into a good waitress, I learnt alot from you about waiting etiquette... To Janine!!!! all I can say is, you ROCK! I loved working with you, when I came into work, not wanting to work, and found out you were working! I loved being there... Anna you will forever crack me up... you are the cliche Irishwoman and it was an honour.... GAI! OMGOSH GAI! so fun bumping into you, and racing you to wipe down tables! Cheryl ~ I don't think I have ever laughed so much in my life! and every time I have to wipe tears out of my eyes.. your so positive, and affirmed in who you are.. refreshing to be around.. Jess! I am your father! you bring out the random in me even more then I am already random.... and you too are random... your singing is so amazing~ I will miss it alot.... Natasha sexy casual yet so graceful.... fun and funny, you were my sunday buddy! I always enjoyed working in cafe on sunday! you have a way of chilling everything down. So many people to mention! Joel thanks for being a friend in such a scary testosterone filled kitchen! I was never afraid of asking you for help, that you kindly gave. All the security guards...... All the bar staff... All the guys :) Aaron, Marcus, Daniel, Warrick, :) :) :) :) miss you guys! mmiss you all!!!!! the rest of the food and beverage staff! Shandi- oh snap! Kirryn...lovely as ever.. all the chefs and dishies! the DMs and cellar guys! just everyone! I had fun!

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