Friday, December 31, 2010

DAY 18

Let's be who we were made to be in 2011!! not what the world wants us to be.. be our unique individual selves... let's go against the flow... 2011...the year for a Revolution!

Thursday, December 30, 2010

DAY 17

God is love in it's purest form, He is the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. He is compassionate, joyful, humorous, lovely, and even more then we could ever know. I've been trying to write my encounters with Jesus down, but I've been having trouble putting words to the different experiences that we have shared together, like any relationship we've had our times of hardships, suffering, laughter, romance, forgiveness, teasing and dancing. I've also had my times of distance from Him, rebellion, doubting and non believing. Like any relationship we depend on each other, and I guess that's one huge thing that scares people away from a relationship with Him. As humans we desire independence and power, I don't know about you, but I prefer to live my day, with the knowing I have someone to lean on especially when the time gets tough. God is my creator, I am His creation... God is my Father, and I am His daughter. God my perfect Father who will always and infinitely love me.

This is how I've experienced Him...... When I've been scared, and I call upon His name, Jesus is there, His gentle hand touching my back, and filling me with peace.... When I am weak or lack courage, I call upon His name, and He fills me with the Holy Spirit, I ask for His strength, and He fills me up. When I feel ugly, He sends one of His beloved children to tell me I'm pretty, When I am in complete desperation He walks with me hand in hand. He is my encouragement when I feel discouraged. And when I'm lost, He helps me find my way back home. I am telling you  this because I know God loves you just as much as He loves me. Our God who created everything, who form the stars and the heavenly hosts, who told Noah to build an ark, who parted the Red Sea for Moses. He loves YOU He loves ME. He wants to get to know you, He wants you to know your worth, He wants you to desire Him and love Him back... A life with Jesus... what do you have to lose!?

Tuesday, December 28, 2010

DAY 16

All I want to share with you today is!

So rain isn't all too bad to take photos in, as long as you have an umbrella :)

'With so many witnesses in a great cloud on every side of us, we too, then should throw off everything that hinders us, especially the sin that clings so easily, and keep running steadily in the race we have started. Let us not lose sight of Jesus, who leads us in our faith and brings it to perfection; for the sake of the joy which was still in the future, he endured the cross, disregarding the shamefulness of it, and from now on has taken his place at the right of God's throne. Think of the way he stood such opposition from sinners and then you will not give up for want of courage. In the fight against sin, you have not yet had to keep fighting to the point of death." Hebrews 12:1-4

DAY 15

Today went wayyyyyy to fast.......... and its because I am waiting for something... it always goes fast when I'm waiting. Tomorrow is gunna be a big day! photo shoot, banking, calling people etc............ a little nervous, but I'll try to look at it like this.... I love taking photos!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! and I am calling people that I miss, and will be nice to hear their voices....

Not much to write, as I want to get back to my book "Redeeming love" I recommend it, It's based on the Book of Hosea!!! okie dae GOOD NIGHT :D

Monday, December 27, 2010

DAY 14

I would like to share with you all a song I wrote in the middle of the year sometime.. it's the original that I wrote, but it was re written so music could go to it.
Before I copy and paste it I want to share with you also, what I was going through and how I can to be inspired to write this song.

I'm not sure how it happened, but I can remember now why it happened... I asked God for the gift of faith, this was my theme for the year, as it seems. I would ask Him alot, over and over, and as you all know, ask and it will be given. But not without challenges, pain, suffering, tests, well for me anyway. I don't know how God works in everyone elses life, but for mine it's all about chucking me in the deep end. So on with it, of course me being me and I easily get distracted, confused or just forget, I forgot what I asked for from God, silly me, so when my trials did come, I was angry, I felt rejected and very alone, I'd ironically lost all my faith, and I started slipping back into my old worldly self, tempted (I'm not saying God tempted me, but because I had let down my guard and lost all motivation to pray through it, the thief snuck in and stole from me and lied to me) I felt like I was becoming numb with the worldly things that I was doing, becoming unaware of sin. I can remember also pleading to God to prove that He was real and that if He didn't do certain things for me then He wasn't. What really broke me, was I had a horrible day at work, I was stressed, angry, depressed, everyone was yelling at me, and to top it off I had to catch a bus home, walk 20 minutes from the bus stop and I'm pretty sure it was raining... when I got to the door, I couldn't find the key.. no one was home. I completely broke down. I screamed at God where are you!!! and begged Him to magically open the door or something, again trying to get Him to prove to me that He was real! but nothing happened, I cried and cried. I was jealous of other Christians, and how they got things they asked for (but completely different things) One last time I asked Him "where are you" and before me I saw, my shoe print, and next to it a footprint, on the tiles made from water. again the thief came, and told me that it was just an old print from 7 hours before. I believed the thief, and ignored that gentle fire in my heart that came when I saw the prints.

So now my saving grace Jesus Christ... because I had gone so far backwards, I decided to go out with my friends again, drinking and partying, taking some things too far.. it was a horrible night.. I ended up in the bathroom crying, and absolutely pouring my heart out to Jesus to save me from what I'd become... and I heard a gentle voice saying "call mum" so I did, she came and picked me up, not angry, but loving me, and being happy that I had the maturity to call. She talked to me about it and she said to me "Stop looking back" it hit me so hard! I had looked back for something to fill the hole that had appeared again. My sister told me a few weeks later, that she had a dream about me, in a church, in a white dress, looking back at her and not at my groom. and I told her about what I had been through, and she asked me if I had asked for faith from God... and it all made sense... It wasn't easy from there on end and it's still not... I find it easier now to find strength in Jesus Christ to resist temptation.. and my faith has grown through prayer... and writing this song also helped me come back to Him, as it felt like I was communicating with Him, and Him to me.... Guys it's a tough world out there.. and there is no such thing as the perfect christian, it's incredibly hard for all of us. You've just gotta have faith, and remember you asked God for it.. and walk through your challenges with Jesus Christ, continually seeking Him as your strength.

Is life a game to you,
Choosing favourites and leaving the rest.
What if my heart is pounding after you,
And yet you ignore me..or is the thump thump thump blocking out your voice.

I keep answering the door, as it mocks me
But no one is ever there...
I keep knocking and knocking, but no one is listening to my noise..
Is it fair that you choose one, but not the other,
Is it fair that you don’t talk back.

I would follow you any where you go, but your footprints are washed away
With the gray mysterious fog... I cry out to you, but the thunder interrupts
Me everytime i try... i surrender and take down my wall.. but the advantage is lost.
I will seek and seek again.. but how much longer can i go.

Where are you, are you really there, or is my efforts not enough.
Have i gone too far, and you’ve just given up..
Will you ever fight for me personally, like i’ve heard you do before.
Or have i ashamed you in some way.

People talk about you all the time, i hear them say things. I am sinking
I don’t think i can do this anymore,
I am slipping away, i can give you another chance,
I will surrender one last time, can you fill me up
Can you be there for me, be so real too me

I would follow you any where you go, but your footprints are washed away
With the gray mysterious fog... I cry out to you, but the thunder interrupts
Me everytime i try... i surrender and take down my wall.. but the advantage is lost.
I will seek and seek again.. but how much longer can i go.

This is it one last time, Hear me say, i am yours!!
I am yours.. hear my heart as it beats for you,
Can you please show me the life i am missing, Oh please

I would follow you any where you go, but your footprints are washed away
With the gray mysterious fog... I cry out to you, but the thunder interrupts
Me everytime i try... i surrender and take down my wall.. but the advantage is lost.
I will seek and seek again.. but how much longer can i go.

I would follow you any where you go, but your footprints are washed away
With the gray mysterious fog... I cry out to you, but the thunder interrupts
Me everytime i try... i surrender and take down my wall.. but the advantage is lost.
I will seek and seek again.. but how much longer can i go.

Sunday, December 26, 2010

DAY 13

I shopped alllll day!!! 6 and a half hours! it was brilliant. Chaotic, buzzing, caffeinated, slightly frustrating at times, but well worth the parking efforts..

How much does God give us what we believe we want... I found a prayer I wrote ages ago, asking God that I wouldn't get offered a position for a job that I deeply wanted at one stage, I wanted it, but I know now that the timing wasn't right... God knows best, and thank God  I didn't get the position. I believe we want things, but if we pray enough about it, God sneaks in with His own desire for our lives and changes our minds, or coordinates with us. for the better in the end. Above this little  scribbled prayer of mine is a reading "For the one whom God sent speaks the word of  God. He does not ration His gift of the spirit. John 3:34.
A few pages later in my little notebook, are my notes for that Job interview, points I wanted to make, and beside it I've drawn a picture.. well actually a logo. Now this was drawn way before I even considered living back in Nambour and work for a year especially in Hospitality again. While I was thinking about what I wanted to say in my interview, I drew a little logo (what I thought was a meaningless scribble) . I drew without meaning to, the Nambour RSL logo , which God blessed me, with a job there a few weeks later. I didn't want it, but now I am so grateful I worked there. God put an image in my head which I drew. Now there's something special about this, cause I was going to  quit my job, a day into it. But I didn't. A week later, I still felt uneasy about it, and was looking through my notebook, and saw the logo! It was a sign, from God, that I drew outta my imagination, so I wouldn't quit! AMAZING! Thanks Holy Spirit! Working at Nambour RSL was wonderful. So I guess the moral of this story, if it wasn't too confusing is, God works in many ways?? or maybe don't limit God, or something about desires.. now I'm confused... meh....... so the photo of the day is!

Saturday, December 25, 2010

DAY 12

wow I feel so sad, that Christmas day is coming to an end. All that hustle and bustle, decorations and excitement now a sleepy memory. It didn't quite feel like Christmas, but what does Christmas feel like... I felt love, and even overwhelmed at one stage, and I guess if Christmas is about love, than I could feel Christmas. I truly believe that the way my family give is a real blessing, savouring everyones gifts, appreciating, even being more excited about giving than receiving.. the hugs, the tears, the anticipation as each opened our presents, it was beautiful.. I could feel a real presence of God in it all.. It was like He was enjoying the way we gave and loved, He warmed our hearts. And than there was the NERFS! and the panic as I tried avoiding being shot at...males, how can they enjoy being shot!!! or shooting inside the house... I'm always so stressed that someone will get hurt, or something will get broken, but it didn't. and they had fun! AHHH... that lasted a while, and then the food, oh wow dad makes the best gravy! and roast potatoes (don't tell mum) the table was decorated, as it traditionally is, and we cracked our crackers, and drank our cider, laughed and was merry.. and once everything was cleaned up, I slept! exhausted, while the others played bananaramas.. The rest of the afternoon and night was enjoyed by playing games, eating jelly and custard, and watching Sabrina the Teenage witch...and now well, all is done. And we will sleep, sweet dreams about the day past, and wake up to the hustle and bustle of the boxing day sales. Oh how blessed we are.

Friday, December 24, 2010

DAY 11

MERRY CHRISTMAS!!! don't forget to spend this day with Jesus!

God Bless you all !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Thursday, December 23, 2010

DAY 10

I finished work today! I can't believe it!!!!!! I just took my work uniform off for the last time, but it hasn't sunk in.... I felt so blessed though when I walked out, knowing that my co-workers appreciated me, and the effort I put in to my job. I can remember my favourite Uncle Barry telling me to work as hard as I can, I can't remember the rest, I guess his words grounded me in my work ethic. ...

To my workmates... I will miss you alot! I can remember my first shift, which is a good thing considering it was only 8 months ago ish... I remember being showed around, and Tanya telling me to get to know the menu and specials, and showed me everything briefly, and then left me, I stood there dumbfounded! and freaked out!!!! I hated my first shift so much, I was bored! but I decided to stick it out... I gave it one more chance, and gave it to God, saying if I'm meant to be here, I will be so filled with joy in my next shift, and I was... I loved it. And thank God I did.... Tanya! it was an honour to work under your supervision! you gave me so much shit, and it was so great to be able to give so much back! To dear Deb! you are amazing, you helped me be the best I could be on the floor, even if it almost caused me to cry a few times, you shaped me into a good waitress, I learnt alot from you about waiting etiquette... To Janine!!!! all I can say is, you ROCK! I loved working with you, when I came into work, not wanting to work, and found out you were working! I loved being there... Anna you will forever crack me up... you are the cliche Irishwoman and it was an honour.... GAI! OMGOSH GAI! so fun bumping into you, and racing you to wipe down tables! Cheryl ~ I don't think I have ever laughed so much in my life! and every time I have to wipe tears out of my eyes.. your so positive, and affirmed in who you are.. refreshing to be around.. Jess! I am your father! you bring out the random in me even more then I am already random.... and you too are random... your singing is so amazing~ I will miss it alot.... Natasha sexy casual yet so graceful.... fun and funny, you were my sunday buddy! I always enjoyed working in cafe on sunday! you have a way of chilling everything down. So many people to mention! Joel thanks for being a friend in such a scary testosterone filled kitchen! I was never afraid of asking you for help, that you kindly gave. All the security guards...... All the bar staff... All the guys :) Aaron, Marcus, Daniel, Warrick, :) :) :) :) miss you guys! mmiss you all!!!!! the rest of the food and beverage staff! Shandi- oh snap! Kirryn...lovely as ever.. all the chefs and dishies! the DMs and cellar guys! just everyone! I had fun!

Tuesday, December 21, 2010


I can't believe I only have 1 day of work left!!! and I can't believe it's so close to next year..........  I hope I made the right decision. So in the next few weeks I'll have to be incredibly disciplined, getting myself ready and organised for NET, getting funds in, and spending as much time as possible with God I love, for without Him I couldn't do this!

So high I will ever take you,
on wings you will soar.
Give praise now to the King,
The word of Truth, Give praise.

You are my Bride, I am your Groom.
I will give you my all.
Wherever you go I will follow.
I will give you my everlasting song of love.

 stand for me, say YES, sing a song, dance for joy.

My gift is this,
Me to you, consecrated
with the bread of life.
I am in you and you in me.
Forever, this is my promise.


am watching this really weird show 7 dwarfs! its in German and its jst so weird!!! whatever its amusing....women are dangerous apparently... but hey we are... that's why we're a threat!

I want all the women out there to know...You are strong! you are a warrior! you are beautiful! you are unique!!!! Be who you are, and not what the world wants you to be.... And you are oh so very precious. guard your heart! guard your body! you are worthy! don't let any one tell you otherwise!

Monday, December 20, 2010


have you ever realised how much Jesus is in our lives... even those who don't believe have Him in their lives.... have you ever wondered why we as Christians are attacked so much, or you as non believers see Christians in the media being killed etc.. do you ever wonder why we are so persecuted... it's because we live in the truth!

Let's look at some of the Jesus things in our lives.....
People are always saying Oh My God! Jesus Christ... Mary mother of Jesus... etc...
they don't go around saying Oh My Buddha... or Oh My HariKrishna...
and in the ten commandments "do not use the Lords name in vein" so of course its a huge part of our lives, and its hard to control...
OK number 2 we celebrate events that originate from christian belief... Easter - Jesus dies on the cross for our sins and rises on Easter Sunday...Halloween - Christians pray for the souls of the dead. Valentines Day... St Valentine did something... Christmas - Jesus Christ is born of the Virgin Mary.... seeing a pattern here???? etc etc etc......

People shy away or laugh in our face when we talk to then about Jesus...I wonder why they get so uncomfortable?!?! why is there soo many jokes about Christianity?? eg.. Jesus is coming look busy. Why are people so against our Faith, and burn us in churches, why do these faithful lives impact so hugely on people, that they can't bear it and kill them?? I dunno my brain is starting to implode... Come on guys.. give in to Jesus, I promise its the best thing you will ever do... it will be hard, but living in the truth is hard.. "the world will hate you, but it hated Jesus first even to the point of death"  (somewhere in the bible) ..........................................................................................................................

"Accept the strength, my dear son, that comes from the grace of Christ Jesus. You have heard everything that I teach in public; hand it on to reliable people so that they in turn will be able to teach others.
Put up your share of difficulties, like a good soldier of Christ Jesus. In the army, no soldier gets himself mixed up in civilian life, because he must be at the disposal of the man who enlisted him; or take an athlete - he cannot win any crown unless he has kept all the rules of the contest; and again, it is the working farmer who has the first claim on any crop that is harvested. Think over what I have said, and the Lord will show you how to understand it all.
Remember the Good News that I carry, "Jesus Christ risen from the dead, sprung from the race of David; it is on account of this that I have my own hardships to bear, even to being chained like a criminal- but they cannot chain up God's news. So I bear it all for the sake of those who are chosen, so that in the end  they may have the salvation that is in Christ Jesus and the eternal glory that comes with it.
Here is a saying that you can rely on; If we have died with him, then we shall live with him, If we hold firm, then we shall reign with him, If we disown him, then he will disown us, We may be unfaithful, but he is always faithful for he cannot disown his own self." 2 Timothy 2:1-13

Sunday, December 19, 2010


I think I had a break through, eye brow goes up, maybe...... You know how when we, well some of us, hit 18 and we party and perhaps go down the wrong path.. wellllll I soooo don't miss it.... part of me, as I look through photos of people partying am like awe... I miss that... but when I think about it, I really really really Don't! I hate it, I never use to, but now its like suddenly I can see how horrible it really is. Whats so fun about getting totally trashed, inhibitions go out the window, people see you do gross things, hang over in the morning, and even worse, a bad reputation, self bodily harm, self image harm??? (you may not feel it now but every time you do something horrible you hurt yourself), I can't explain how repulsed I feel inside by the idea of what I use to be involved with...and even more I can't believe I'm the only one that's woken up.... Maybe It's a God thing... The more I get to know Jesus the happier I am with myself and others, the more confident I am, the most joy and energy I've ever had. If you were to compare a life of self absorbed partying  to a life with Jesus.... probably a putrid garbage tip (partying) with a valley of sweet smelling flowers (relationship with Jesus). Don't get me wrong, I still like to have a good time, but I don't like to get smashed. I still like to dance, just not rubbing myself up and down a mans torso, I love freedom, and oh yes I am free!!!!!

"Free your minds, then, of encumbrances; control them, and put your trust in nothing but the grace that will be given you when Jesus Christ is revealed. Do not behave in the way that you liked to before you learnt the truth; make a habit of obedience; be holy in all you do, since it is the Holy One who has called you, and scriptures says; be holy, for I am holy.
If you are acknowledging as your Father one who has no favourites and judges everyone to what he has done, you must be scrupulously careful as long as you are living away from your home. Remember, the ransom that was paid to free you from the useless way of life your ancestors handed down was not paid in anything corruptible, neither in silver nor gold, but in the precious blood of a lamb without spot or stain, namely Christ; who though known since before the world was made, has been revealed only in our time, the end of the ages, for your sake. Through him you now have faith in God, who raised him from the dead and gave him glory for that very reason - so that you would have faith and hope in God." 1 Peter 1:13-21

Friday, December 17, 2010


Whhoooop Whooppp! finished work for today, and my bro and sister in law are here :) :) :) :)!!!! yay!!!!

mmm thats it!...

nothing to write..

so enjoy photo of DAY 5

Thursday, December 16, 2010


You know how it was soo HOT yesterday, well we had this storm, and wow.. it was brilliant! But now I know how incredibly fast I can move when thunder scares the crap out of me.

this was the sky before the storm! NOT edited. Scary huh?!?!

I was so lucky to have a close brave, couragous, strong friend with me......

Maybe not so brave!!

It was so gorgeous though, we spent ages just standing on the balcony listening to the array of bird songs, they were out and about having their feast on the buffet of bugs. And it was lovely and cool. It still wasn't quite raining at this stage. There were Storm birds, Rosella's, and other beautiful birds... My friend is amazing at taking photos of nature, unfortunately she didn't have her camera on her, but I did... and again unfortunately I'm not that great at taking photos of birds... the one good one I had...

and of course it was just a Butcher Bird DOH!

anyway... today is my Bro's birthday... and its hot again go figure, we ate in Montville, at Poets cafe, lyrics were so sweet to our taste buds mmmmmm... looking forward to tonight it will be good fun .....

Wednesday, December 15, 2010


Its 10.25am, sweat is dribbling down my back, heat clinging to my skin! I should probably change into shorts... meh!!! Good Ol' Aussie Christmas! Christmas staff party this morning... oh how do people have the confidence to dress as silly as they do! as soon as i walked in the door I was attacked by Santa and his friends! Just take a lollipop and RUN!!!!!!!!

Well today I need to get finances organised for NET! I may just enjoy my day off instead... although, it is getting closer and closer every day... I keep dreaming about NET, but i never enjoy those dreams, because I'm always bombarded with fear! I don't fully understand this, but hey I figure if it's in service for God, someone doesn't want me to do it!!! GUESS WHAT! (pokes tongue out, and runs towards my Jesus). I decided in the last 3 seconds very randomly to open my bible to a random page and this is what I read note: the randomness.

" Beware of men: they will hand you over to Sanhedrin's and scourge you in their synagogues. You will be dragged before governors and kings for my sake, to bear witness before them and the pagans. But when they hand you over, do not worry about how to speak or what to say; what you are to say will be given to you when the time comes; because it is not you who will be speaking; the Spirit of your Father will be speaking in you."Matthew 10:17-20

Praise GOD!!!!

Tuesday, December 14, 2010


MMmmmmm wicked wings are sooo goood!!!!!!!!!!!

Today I went Christmas shopping with my bro, quite successful for me.... for him, not so much. Did anything exciting happen? not particularly, except for my awesome wicked wings! coffee wasn't so great.. But conversation was good. Topic of the day! include God in everything, and pursue your own dreams and not someone elses... it makes more sense to do something that you love and are passionate about, although it may have high risk.. than do something you know you won't enjoy, but may be considered a stable job/career. Hmm apart from that nothing else really happened, i wouldn't say it was an epic day... though who knows what tonight will bring!

A photo a day!

Or 3........

Today! what a day... seems like it's becoming crazier and crazier at an extreme pace! I'm looking towards a year on NET (national evangelisation team) and am becoming overwhelmed with the amount of work ahead of me.... SO for fun I've decided to start a photo a day!!! I'll try my hardest to make one a day...! and perhaps even add a few awesome quotes or prayers I've found, which may have absolutely nothing to do with the photo but happen to have influenced me somewhat during the day!

A work mate lifted my spirits today at work, I'm not entirely sure how her words seemed to strike my heart where it needed to be hit... but they did! and she has blessed me for it. She told me a story of a beautiful woman who saw her in the hospital and without even knowing her, came up and gave her a hug and a kiss, saying "you can be a shoulder for people and be there for people, but not a filter for people" not absorbing their emotions, and acts, but rather be a listening ear, a lending hand, and brushing it off! Miraculously my work mate became well again, and found out that she needed to be somewhere else in life, that lifted her up and didn't tear her down. Her and the  woman have been best friends ever since...... As i said i don't know how this story effected me! I'm still to figure it out... but I feel better for hearing it.