Wednesday, January 5, 2011

DAY 23

I forgot to do Day 22 as I was too involved in Tin Man.... a bizarre 3 or 4 part movie.

I've packed and eliminated clothes... only the rest to go. tossing up whether I should take the computer or not..... why not ay! One of my ministries is photography (well I want it to be) so why not take the laptop, as I need it to download pictures... I don't have an instrument... so YAY it comes with me :D :D......

I finally feel at peace with the idea of me doing NET.. I think. I can't remember what else I need to do before I leave, or what I need to take with me... Organisation has never been my strong point. I need to appoint myself a personal assistant...

OKay now to serious business.. I was listening to the radio yesterday, and It was talking about God's new creation and comparing ourselves with other people. I want you to know.. you are an individual designed and created by God, with a unique purpose in life. To fill this purpose you need to know who you are in Christ, and love who you are, instead of wishing you had what SHE or HE has. I struggle with this every day, sometimes I'm not even aware I'm doing it. The more you and I get to know Jesus, the more we get to know ourselves.  Love who you are. And love your neighbour as yourself. :) with this you also need to stop judging other people. If you look at them as a unique child of God.. you will also start to love others more freely, and love yourself :)


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